Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday, 6 MAY 2016 :: Checking in and catching up on everything

Today is my day to catch up with all my blogging sites... just to start the process again, and let everyone know what is going on.

I'm not sure where I am at on prison issues right now.  I just had one son released from prison and another just went back into the system.  It is hard for me to deal with, even after all these years.  I am hopeful my recently released son will make it this time... only he can make the right choices to keep himself out of trouble.  There are so many issues attached to crime, it isn't something I want to get into right now.

I wrote on another blog about changing the way to treat theft crimes... changing from jail time to a supervised work program with restitution payments and building a new kind of life in the process.  I think it was the political blog (Political Rehabilitation at I wrote today.  It would keep people out of the prison system and, hopefully, help them to find better paths to a better future.  You can read that post for more information, and I will be exploring it more in future posts here.

Currently, my main focus is getting information to inmates through a monthly newspaper... I am hoping to get it going before I leave this earth, but money is always my issue.  I have been trying to find another way to reach the goal...  I have a simple plan, but have to figure out how much money it will take to get going.  Finding the mailing addresses of inmates is a big challenge, keeping them accurate is another, and reaching the inmate populations has to be the first step.  Families and inmate organizations would come after the inmates in priority. 

I think this would be an excellent employment future for some released inmates, and they would be great resources for deciding what inmates need to know.  Bringing each state into the process allows all of us to see the differences between them, and to see what works (from an inmate perspective) and what doesn't.

There are so many ideas and possibilities to include in just this one effort.

That is about all I can share today.  Keep checking for new posts... and future links to a Facebook page.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin