Saturday, March 28, 2020

UPDATES !! -- I am trying a new way to post -- by email!

Hello again... it has been awhile since I have been posting much anywhere.  

This year I started a funding campaign at PATREON so I can try to finish my BUCKET LIST before it's my time to pass on.  I named the page for my retirement goal and that has been a problem with this year's effort.  I almost changed the name, but then I realized I need to just get through this CHALLENGE and then it will be over and I will be working on my retirement again.  :-)  Hopefully.  GOD willing.  

I am using the hashtag  ---  #My2020PatreonChallenge
and mostly posting at Twitter first, sometimes my main Facebook page, and working on my Pinterest feeds.

FYI, just to get it out there, the link to Patreon is…… 

Right now, as I write this, most of the links all have an auto-filled image for the link. I don't know what will stay with the post when I email it, so we will find out together.

At Patreon I made one of my funding projects  INMATE NEWS,  the monthly newspaper I have wanted to start for a long time.  I may share all the detail at the website, on a future post, or in small portions as time goes by.  It would be such a great thing if GOD would provide for it... jobs for inmates, training, changing the system to national and international levels... I hope, and important information for inmates, their families, their friends, organizations that help them, and more.

There are limited support access to most of my tiers, including INMATE NEWS, so make sure you go sign up if you want to help make it happen... and F A S T !!!  before GOD decides to take me away.  :-)

Once I am able to fund all the basic supplies and equipment I need, I won't have as many projects listed there.  That is why I chose Patreon as an ongoing support effort.  It offers me the flexibility I need at this time in life.  

I have been telling others that I think Patreon is a LIFETIME investment opportunity for anyone who wants to create things and needs help to do it.  You can build up your support network over the years of your life, and through retirement as well.  I also feel they need to make some changes to become a LIFETIME opportunity, but that is another project!  

In all my organization efforts this year, I am working on the details of what I need to do for INMATE NEWS to become a reality.  I am making a list, and looking for prices.  Wages are always the biggest issue in funding anything, so they will be an issue at Patreon, too.

I hope you will follow me there through your support.

Until next time,
Deborah Martin

2020 is filled with HUGE goals... 
The most important one being the quest to find ONE MILLION $5 supporters for my PATREON page! 
Sign up as soon as possible... lets see how fast we can reach this goal.
On the way, I will be learning how to "spread the word" online and sharing what I discover in my posts. 
Join me in this challenge.