Wednesday, April 28, 2021

PRISONS :: Video link to a new effort for prison inmates.

This is  a link to a Gordon Ramsay video about creating a bakery in a prison... It was too rough from the start for me, but you may want to watch it.  Lots of people have already viewed it -- from the numbers on the page.  Let me know what you think about it, and any non-profane parts I might want to hear about.

I added a long reply about prison issues, but am not sure I want to post it here.  I have trouble with my posts being tampered with.  I need to check it.

How to change the system... it's a challenge for everyone who wants to see it happen..

I'm doing a lot of updates today... the end of the month!  So sorry.  I just keep getting "distracted" by other things, and I am praying about some other issues -- that keeps my mind struggling toward GOD.  

I will try to post once a month at least... more if I can.

In Christ,

 Deb Martin

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